TGWP 053: Ramon Valdez Fine Furniture


When I first started using Instagram, like most people I was overwhelmed and just plain shocked by all the cool projects and pieces of art I was able to see with just a swipe of my iPhone. I remember swiping one day about a year ago in the explore tab and there was @ramonartful. He was just starting some marquetry for a few chairs. I went to his feed and was absolutely blown away by the work that was there. I thought to myself, “this guys pretty freaking awesome!” Since then, I’ve followed pretty much every move Ramon has made on Instagram. Which btw, seems to be where he posts most things. I also went to his website,, where there’s a ton more info on this furniture making master. In recent months, Ramon has started making tip videos on Instagram and they are just as good as the furniture he builds. Simple, easy tricks and tips that have you wondering why you didn’t think of them first. In my most humble opinion, Ramon is a true artist. His passion to teach, attention to detail, and his desire to learn is what makes him someone I definitely look up to.

Ramon has been featured in several publications and his work can be seen in Shidoni Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico as well as Artifacts Gallery and Nicole’s, both in Farmington, New Mexico. He’s studied under some of the countries top furniture builders and marquetry experts like Craig Vandall Stevens and Michael C. Fortune at Anderson Ranch in Aspen, Colorado.

All I can say is this, if you’re looking for an example of fine craftsmanship, a deep desire to improve, and a cool guy with a crazy work ethic, then look no further than Ramon Valdez!

Please take the time to follow Ramon on Instagram and check out his website too. You won’t be disappointed.

I look forward to your comments and feedback from this episode! Thanks!



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