TGWP Episode 066: Keith Johnson- KJSawdust

Funny man and furniture maker Keith Johnson is this weeks guest for episode 066. Keith is a full time employee that spends his weekend building beautiful furniture. Keith’s attention to detail is incredible and was born from many years building houses and doing trim work for his uncle.

What I like so much about Keith besides the fact that he’s a great craftsman, is the attitude he brings to everyone through his stories on Instagram. His sense of humor is great and he always makes me smile or literally laugh out loud.

Keith knows for him, that being a full time woodworker is probably not the best idea because it would take away some of the joy he gets while in the shop. I can fully understand his thoughts and agree that no matter how much you love something you do, when it becomes work or a job, the dynamics of things seem to change just a little bit.

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  1. Great episode and you have my attention!!!
    I just started out and really am enjoying the hobby
    Mike from CT

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