TGWP Episode 099: Jenny Bower – JBower Engraving

This weeks guest is one of the most talented women you’ll ever meet. She’s an engraver, artist, woodworker, and pretty much anything else she wants to be. I’m speaking of Jenny Bower. Jenny is widely known for her engraving skills, but there’s more than meets the eye.

Jenny’s also a woodworker, and automobile enthusiast. Owning a sweet Jeep Wrangler, I’d say she fits in just fine talking cars. 

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Mentioned in this episode: April Wilkerson, Anne of All Trades, Ashley Harwood, Jenny Sacred Cinder, Sadie Mae John, Eric Gorges, Jill Wagner

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  1. Hey Donny, I think you might be thinking of Kurt Wyatt who was the young son of Rich Wyatt who ran a gunsmith shop it was the subject of American Guns. Kurt came to Europe to study his art. He was very accomplished. Great show as usual. I’m checking Jenny’s work out and it’s amazing.

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