The Green Woodworker Podcast: Episode 049 Jenn from

This week as you know, I had the pleasure of chatting with the very talented Jenn from and the newly formed on episode 049 of The Green Woodworker Podcast.

Jenn, a full time employee in Stillwater, OK. spends her free time creating some of the most awesome pieces of art around. She makes everything from rustic flags to hand painted signs on reclaimed wood. Learning that anythingcould be made or fixed from her father, Jenn inherited the making gene for sure. And once realizing how talented of a decorator her mom is, there was really nothing holding Jenn back. After purchasing her home, she figured out it was time to learn a few skills of her own. This was just enough to light the spark in Jenn to get her going. In social media land, she’s a great asset to the Instagram community with the continued tips and ideas she shares daily. She recently decided that YouTube is a place she wants to share her talents as well.

On top of all the woodworking she does, Jenn is also a foodie! She loves traveling around and hitting all the great spots seen on TV and even the small unheard of joints. Jenn enjoys food and cooking to the point where she has decided to launch Just Bring Ice will be a spot where Jenn shares her recipes, cooking tips, and ideas to make life easier for her followers. When I was chatting with Jenn, you could definitely tell she’s passionate about woodworking and cooking alike.

I can’t wait to see what she does on YouTube with wood as well as in the kitchen!

Make sure to stop by Instagram or Facebook and tell Jenn hello and give her a follow. While You’re at it, head over to her YouTube channel and subscribe please.

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts about this weeks episode.

Be sure to tune in next week for my interview with Jimmy Diresta. It’s gonna be good!

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