TGWP Episode 050- Chatting with Jimmy DiResta

This week on The Green Woodworker Podcast, I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with one of my all time maker hero’s, Jimmy DiResta. Not only was it cool to talk with Jimmy, it’s my 50th episode. Time has flown by and it’s been an incredible ride so far. Now…on to Jimmy!

Talking with Jimmy made me very nervous for obvious reasons. After all, he has been making for as long as most people in the community have been alive. Jimmy is a very humble guy and really loves serving the community any way he can. I use to watch Jimmy and his brother, John, on DIY TV back a few years ago. I remember the first time I started watching the show and thought how cool it was that they where able to find all this junk on the streets and create some really cool projects and items. This was the time of a big movement that not many really saw coming. Jesse James was building cool bikes, then the Teutuls (American Chopper) become TV hits with all the screaming and yelling every episode. While Jimmy may have not been renewed on TV he continued to learn new skills and hone old ones.

After being encouraged to add some video to YouTube, Jimmy found a new home. He found new fans and he found a new love. He was able to share his knowledge and building to a very large audience without the over site of a TV bigwig telling him what to do. After leaving the city of New York and moving north, Jimmy has found himself in a bigger shop and seems to be finding a new flow. Having space to move is also allowing Jimmy room for bigger machines. Jimmy is also in the process of building his very own maker space next to his home in upstate New York. This has been a dream for him for many years. I’m very excited to see what direction Jimmy goes next. His style is truly his own and I find myself inspired every time I see him make something on a video, or a post on Facebook.

Jimmy has spent a lot of time lately speaking at events in the US, sharing what he’s learned so far. At the end of this month he and many others will be heading to the UK to an event called Makers Central. Unfortunately, I wont be able to make it but it will be an incredible event for sure. One thing I definitely take away from my chat with Jimmy, is that everything he does and the life he lives can be done by anyone that puts their mind to it. I love how he says, “make something everyday”! Simple words to live by that will improve your skill and knowledge level. Jimmy also says when creating or making something to “over prepare, you’ll never be sorry”! Jimmy is just like all of us in the sense that he gets inspired from people in the maker community. He really enjoys work by leather master, Paul Cox. He gains inspiration from the YouTube channel of This Old Tony as well as masters like Andy Warhol and Leonardo da Vinci.

I know that after chatting with Jimmy, then listening again as I edited this episode, that I’m inspired to be a better me. I’m inspired to give more to my audience and the people who look up at what I’m doing. I’m truly blessed and honored, I’ve been given this opportunity to talk with and become friends with so many talented people. Thanks so much for following, listening, and supporting what both Jimmy and I do. We are very thankful.

Jimmy has been gracious enough to send a few great items for me to give to some listens of the podcast. To be entered in this giveaway, please comment below. Let me know how you’re liking these new blog posts and how you’re enjoying the podcast. GOOD LUCK FRIENDS!



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The randomly chosen winner from the comments below for some cool Jimmy DiResta items is

 Dan Kelly


  1. How exciting that Jimmy gets to be on your 50th episode! Congrats donny in all you’ve accomplished with the podcast and being a huge part of this community! It was amazing to meet Jimmy last week at WBC…I was SO nervous and if I’m honest, star struck. I love his attitude and he makes me want to keep being me. Thanks for sharing him with us on the podcast!

  2. You do an awesome job on the podcast Donny. I love the blog post. It gives a back story and after thoughts to the podcast. It gives you the opportunity to add anything you might have missed in the episode. Keep up the great work! ??

  3. Just started listening to you last week, but liking what I am hearing so far. Thank you for giving me another hour of a “friend” in the shop with me while I sand and stain. Keep it up!

  4. Love Jimmy. What an inspiration. Lot of truth to the statement, if you want something done, ask a busy person. Guy must sleep only a few hours a day.
    Great job with the podcast.

  5. Donny as I had said before it was a long week sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation of episode 50 with “The Man, the Myth and the Legend” The Godfather of the makers Jimmy Diresta! TGWP is always in my top 5 playlist each week and you do a wonderful job inviting the maker community along as if they’re in the seat next to you in each interview. It was an inspirational pleasure to learn more about Jimmy’s backstory and how he affected some of the movement in the DIY video and tv space with a single idea. It goes to show you’ve gotta go out and hit the world head on and just start making and the the journey that path will take you is worth traveling. Thx again DK

  6. Thank you, Donny, for continuing to publish your podcast. I always enjoy listening to your guests, and having Jimmy on was a great surprise! I look forward to next week’s podcast. Have a great day!

  7. Love watching Jimmy’s videos and listening to your podcast. What a great combination. As a person who struggles with learning similar to Jimmy, I love to see people like him and others be so successful in our own way!

  8. I just heard of your podcast from “making it”, I’m already addicted. Thanks guys for all you do!

  9. Love the podcast Donny, so many great episodes and guests. Really enjoyed this week’s episode with Jimmy Diresta.

  10. DiResta is such a good dude. This was a great episode Donny (as are all the others). I’ve been listening since episode one but have never commented. I love getting into the back story behind all these makers. After every episode I want to run over to my own shop and get to work.

    Also thanks for providing all the details and links within these blog posts. A lot of the time I’m listening in my car and can’t look up right away what you’re referencing Youtube/instagram/etc. This makes it very handy. Cheers and here’s to another 50!

    PS Classic DiResta…

  11. Found this podcast from listening to Making It podcast. Gotta say I really enjoy your format. I’ll be checking out your older episodes asap.

  12. Donny, I haven’t listened to the episode yet… Great article though! I still remember the first time I met Jimmy years ago and how inspiring he was as a person.
    Then when in Boston to have him invite me and Wes to go tour MIT! We were all like kids in a candy store!
    Thanks so much for spreading his influence and abilities!
    Congratulations on the 50th episode! Keep them coming!

  13. Thanks. I really love the podcast. You are doing a good job asking interesting questions and having cool conversations. Good mix of folks I know and new people I need to know.

  14. Jimmy truly has seen it all and done it all. It was a pleasure just listening to him talk about his experiences. Thank you Donny for providing us with an insight to his life!!

  15. Good podcast.

    That’s my poor attempt to pay homage to Jimmy’s buddy Nick Offerman. It is always a pleasure to listen to the podcast while I move about my own shop. It’s also nice to have another voice in the shop (since so much of woodworking is often solitary). Keep doing your thing, Donny! I’ll keep listening!

  16. Love the podcast. Your approach to each interview makes them unique and exciting. I can tell that you put a great deal of time and effort to research each guest to make your interview interesting for your listeners. Keep up the great work.

  17. Love what you are doing brother! Listened to every minute of this, can’t wait for the next one!

  18. Donny congratulations on reaching 50 episodes! You are such a big part of lifting people up in the community and offering folks I would a chance to tell their story.

    I listened to every second of jimmys interview like a star struck kid who just met his favourite super hero! Such a talented, down to earth, creative and all inspiring guy!

    Wishing TGWP continued growth and success for many episodes to come!

    Cheers from Canada eh!

  19. I was afraid when I met Jimmy for the first time, it would be like the SNL skit of Chris Farley interviewing Paul McCartney (google it, this was when SNL was funny) Since that first time, I’ve had a few chances to talk to Jimmy and each time he’s very encouraging and offers great insight and he’s also very helpful with building the community and making it a better place.

  20. Hey Donny, awesome show this week. But that is no surprise as your podcast has become one of my favourites. Keep doing what you are doing.

  21. Really enjoyed this episode, especially the idea of “just make something everyday”. Congrats on the 50th episode, keep up the great work!

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