TGWP 055: Taylor Hubbell- Hubbell Woodshop



On this weeks episode I have a chance to chat with Taylor Hubbell from Hubbell Woodshop. Taylor is a true green woodworker. He’s only been at it for a year or so. For Taylor; a full time husband, father, and employee, finding a few hours a week in the shop has been a challenge but has proven his desire to learn woodworking. If you look at his Instagram feed, you’ll see what I mean. He definitely has a plan to make his hobby a full time business in the future. His attention to detail and willingness to learn will propel him in his craft. Taylor’s advice to anyone wanting to start in this or any other hobby is to “step out of your comfort zone.” I completely agree with this and try to step out myself as often as possible. It’s the things that scare us most that will make us stronger. Never give up, never give in. That’s how I try and live my life.

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