TGWP 056: Inventor of the Restorer- Robert Kundel Jr.


Have you heard of The Restorer? It’s the crazy awesome tool developed by a guy enveloped in industry since he was a kid. Robert Kundle Jr., the son of a construction worker turned business owner, grew up in northwest Ohio, aka “the rust belt.” Growing up with role models that did whatever it took to get things done gave Robert a knowledge to make, fix, and build the things they needed to solve a problem. That was no different for the Restorer. Robert, a leader at his families crane company, realized several things that cost his company money. One was the amount of rust that formed on the materials they used to build the cranes. Thinking there must be a solution Robert went to work. Robert used his wife’s Dirt Devil vac to prototype a very rough version of the product seen today in stores all over the world. Although reading this it sounds like a simple process, it was anything but straight forward. Many, many years and several meetings with companies, designers, and business people later, Robert was able to bring his idea to life and offer it to you. Robert is a driven and motivated fella. He loves his family and his Savior, Jesus. The crazy thing most will realize from all of Roberts hard work is that all proceeds from this project will go to establish a place for pastors to grow and learn for a higher purpose.

Definitely head over to Instagram and give Robert a follow. Also head over to his site to check out the Restorer, or better yet, head down to your favorite store and check one out in person!

Want to grab a restorer and help the podcast at the same time? Use this affiliate link or click the pic above!

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