TGWP Episode 062: Jonathan Katz-Moses

Dovetails are synonymous with woodworking, right? Of course they are. And that’s what drew me to this weeks guest, Jonathan Katz-Moses. You see, I first noticed a few people on YouTube and Instagram playing with this cool new jig. It was a dovetail jig and it looked pretty sweet. It had magnets in it to keep the saw blade at the perfect angle. It was designed like this so your body and mind would learn the correct way to hold the saw and in return cut the perfect dovetail.

Well, not until recently did I discover that the inventor of said jig was also a pretty good woodworker and YouTuber as well. I started following Jonathan on all the social media outlets I could find. That’s when I knew I needed to reach out and get him on the podcast for episode.

It was such a pleasure hearing about all the different businesses and jobs Jonathan has been through over the years including a Christmas lights installation business. Many don’t know, but for many years, I had a pretty large animated Christmas light display. It was a year long hobby that consumed my every waking minuet. Before I knew it, traffic and time constrains lead me to shutting down the display. It was a sad day, but I’m happy to say that my true passion of being a podcast host, YouTuber, and woodworker was found shortly after and I haven’t looked back.

With all that being said. make sure you check out this episode, number 062 and head over to and sign up so you can listen to the after show. Jonathan talks about a crazy incident that changed his life forever.

Be sure to check Mr. Katz-Moses out on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook,, and if you’re looking for Christmas lights, check out

This weeks mentions: Jay Bates, Mark Spagnuolo, Matt Cremona, William NG, David Picciuto, Bob Clagett, Jimmy DiResta, Matt Carriker, Dustin Penner, Chris Salomone, Will Walker, James Wright, Taeho Hwon

Don’t forget to leave a comment below for a chance at one of 4 Katz-Moses Dovetail Guides.

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  1. Love the show. Keep up the hard work man and if you start the second show a week I’ll become a Patreon!!! You’re killing it brother!!!

  2. Wow that dovetail jig sounds absolutely amazing and he’s such a kind human being to share a few with some listeners. Thanks so much to you both !
    Blessed be .

  3. Keep up the great work Donny! I really enjoying listening to the show every week!

    I especially enjoyed this episode, Jonathan is such a great guy and has such great energy!

  4. Thanks for what you do Donny! I am a big fan of the idea of a weekly podcast from the two of you! Keep up the good work and thanks for the company in my ride to work.

  5. Great conversation this week, I really enjoyed the discussion about how we evolve and get better at our craft whether it be YouTube, running a podcast, or just wood working. Can never settle and get lethargic with your skills, like a handplane, skills can always be sharpened.

  6. Just ordered both dovetail jigs. Thanks for bringing us this Donny! Can’t wait to see my mom’s face when I finally get her cedar box for 100 year old Santa figurines done.

  7. Donny, the guests you get on your podcast are the most interesting. And for the record you may think you’ve got better but let me tell you all your shoes have been outstanding, partly because of your guests, but mainly because it’s hard to interview people and you make it sound easy. A second show would be awesome. And a third with Jonathan would be fantastic.

  8. Just like always Donny a great interview and discussion! Love getting to know these makers and further feeding the community with background on these talented builders!

  9. Thanks for keeping your podcast rolling even while you’re on the mend at time, Donny – really enjoy your content and everything you do! I enjoyed this episode so much I went and ordered a few of those preorder stop blocks from Jonathan Katz Moses! He was a great addition to your show.

  10. I’ve always wanted to try hand cut dovetails! This episode might’ve just pushed me over the “can I really do it” hump! Thanks for always having great content Donny – keep it up bud!

  11. It was quite nice to hear how jazzed Jonathan is to be doing what he is doing! True passion with true talent!

  12. Big fan of Jonathan’s and this podcast. Would love the opportunity to win one of those jigs. Thanks for the great content Donny.

  13. I’m still catching up on the episodes but love what you do here! It’s great hearing from so many great makers!

  14. Love the podcast Donny love listening to them while I’m working in the shop. Keep up the awesome job.

  15. Donny, as always, you have some great guests on your podcasts. JKM has a great product in the dovetail jig. It’s very gracious to pass on some of those to your listeners. Thanks

  16. Donnie it always a pleasure to listen to your podcast. I love traditional joinery and it’s awesome the Jonathan and you are sharing a few with us listeners. I’ve spent hours doing dovetails before I’m sure that jig is very useful. I can’t wait to listen to this episode tomorrow morning. Keep up to awesomeness.

  17. I do a lot of driving for work, just started listening to your podcast and I’m hooked!! Looking at getting one the katz-moses stop blocks because my goodness does it sound nice! Keep up the good work!!

  18. Great podcast Donny! Have listened from the beginning. What a down to earth and humble guy j Katz is. Those dovetail guides look fantastic!

  19. Great podcast Donny! What a humble and down to earth guy J-Katz is. Those dovetail guides look fantastic!

  20. Love the show listening to every episode has really answered alot of questions I had and entertained as well. Keep it up.

  21. I’ve enjoyed your podcast from the start Donny. I’ll skip some episodes of other podcasts if the description doesn’t look interesting to me. But I can honestly say I’ve listened to all of yours. Keep up the great work!

  22. This was a great episode as always Donny! I already followed Jonathan before that mudslide incident they felt with, but it was even more crazy to hear about it directly from him. I love the hustle he has to create! Definitely a TGWP hustle hero for sure!

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