TGWP Episode 063: Jory Brigham

When people talk about style and design, they’re often talking about trends and fads. Most of the time it’s people without any idea what it takes to actually make the product, much less teach others how to. Jory Brigham is a craftsman and furniture designer from Paso Robles, CA. His incredible workshop sits amoung the hills and is back dropped by beautiful landscape. Not only does Jory build world class furniture here, he hosts classes to enhance the lives of woodworkers and makers from all walks of life.

Jory has a passion for design, style, and teaching. Throughout our talk on episode 063, you could hear how much Jory really loves sharing what he’s learned. Jory and his team offer classes ranging from furniture building to TIG welding. This place is definitely on my list of things to check out one day. You can do the same by visiting or send Jory a message on Instagram. I’m sure he’d be happy to chat with you.

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  1. Just finished the episode!!! And as always it’s absolutely great. Do you know what I would like to hear because every episode it seems to be a recurring theme that our wives are spouses or significant others are always there pushing us and guiding us behind the scenes. It would be really cool to get a few maker wives or husbands. They could talk about their fears their concerns their absolute love of the passion of their maker. On the show Talking about their side of the maker movement. And again thank you so very much for your consistency on your podcast every week and never fails I have a new episode on my iPhone .

  2. That was one inspirational podcast man! Jory relit the fire for me once I seen his designs!

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