TGWP Episode 068: Elisha Albretsen- Pneumatic Addict

I’m not going to lie. Most people would have noticed this weeks guest because of her awesome furniture or maybe her blue hair! Me, I was drawn in by the name. As a long time auto mechanic and forever tool guy, a name like “Pneumatic Addict” should stand out to any half-hearted tool lover! Elisha Albretsen, also known as pneumatic addict, is a full time wife, mom of twin boys, blogger, and YouTuber.

After following Elisha for a short time on Instagram, it was easy to see why 16K people follow her. Her builds and projects are incredible. Her blog and website, are a wealth of information. Definitely head over and check it out. She has tons of builds and plans for all types of projects like beds, games, tables and more. You won’t be disappointed!

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If you’re interested in this weeks “After Show”, head over to and see how to make that happen.

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