TGWP Episode 071: Allen Canterbury- AC Nailed It

This weeks guest, Allen Canterbury is probably one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. And he’s super talented to boot! He’s a growing woodworker and a terrific musician. I first became of Allen on Instagram when he started following the podcast. Not long after Allen became a patron over on As I said before not only is Allen a good guy, he’s one heck of a musician. The bass is his go to instrument but he also plays the guitar and banjo. He’s even built a few of the instruments that he has.

He’s definitely influenced me to build my own guitar one day. Maybe I should learn how to play first!

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Episode 071 mentions: Chad Mancrafting, Johnny Hughes Woodworking, Jimmy DiResta, Bob Clagett, Shawn Worth the Effort, David Picciuto, Jody Welding Tips, John Malecki

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