TGWP Episode 073: Shop Safety

I wrote this blog post a few weeks back and decided to make it a podcast episode. I believe shop safety is very important and that some sort of system needs to be in place just in case something happens.

Mentions from episode 073: DIYTyler, The Wood Victor, Johnny Hughes Woodworking

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Shop safety is very important and often overlooked. I wanted to take a few minutes and give a few ideas of what I believe are 7 of “the must have” safety items in your workshop. You can click each item below and go to an link for the products I use and recommend.

*You can also print this as a PDF and nail it to your shop wall!

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think. Also share you shop safety must have items.

7 Must Have Shop Safety Items:

1.) Fire Extinguisher– Everyone’s shop is different but a great multi-purpose fire extinguisher, rated Class A, B, and C fires and is is UL rated 1-A:10-B:C is suitable for use on most common household fires. Preventing fires by using safe practices is always the best first option.

2.) First Aid Kit– Having a first aid kit means you won’t have to search for needed supplies in the event of a cut or other accidental issue.


3.) Safety Glasses– Eye protection is one of the most important items I see overlooked in most shops. People will protect their ears and lungs but forget about their eyes. Safety glasses are a non-negotiable item!

4.) Hearing Protection– It sure is great to hear the sounds of nature, kids playing or your favorite music. If you’d like to continue hearing these things, I highly suggest using some form of hearing protection. While standard earplugs or over the ear headphones work perfectly, I prefer IsoTunes brand noise-isolating earbuds.

5.) Gloves: Leather and Nitrile– While I don’t suggest wearing gloves using most machines, I do suggest you wear them to protect your hands when dealing with chemicals (nitrile) and other nasty task. Splinters and cuts on your hands can really slow down a good productive day in the shop.

6.) Respiratory Protection- Breathing is a pretty important part of staying alive. So when in the shop it’s very important to wear a good quality respirator and if possible,    have overhead air filtration and of course dust collection.

7.) Footwear- While I know it’s pretty fashionable to wear flip-flops in the shop, I highly recommend you don’t. Your feet are an important part of getting around easily and leaving them exposed to things like dropped chisels or chunks of wood just doesn’t sound fun to me. Cover them up with a quality shoe that’s comfortable.





  1. Thank you so most people that have a home shop. That have never work in a production shop. Need to know shop safety there so many things that can go wrong. That they are not prepared for! Keep pushing this issue please!

  2. Hey Back atchya Donny:
    My full time job is in a kitchen, I used to be a Chef but I have moved on from that. But I still work full time in a kitchen. Footwear is extremely important. I am on my feet for ten plus hours, at work, plus time at home. In the kitchen there are many slipping hazards and the floors are hard. I seriously sprained both of my ankles, twice each. So my ankles are weak. I also have an issue with both of my knees. I tried lots of different shoes over the years. For the past six or seven years I have been wearing Dansko clogs. It is a very heavy shoe. I can tell when they are breaking down because my knees start to hurt. I buy two pairs and rotate them and wear them pretty much all the time. I don’t have many other shoes. Two pair last me a year. I keep a couple pair that are not so bad and they become my shop and work shoes. I wish dansko made a boot but I go up ladders and cut and split firewood in my Danskos. They are worth checking out. Good luck with your footwear search.

  3. Everything you said is legit!!! My grand father, brick mason/woodworker,died of lung cancer. My dad got heavy metal/lead poisoning. Both were not careful about wearing respirators.
    If I start watching a YouTube video and the person is wearing flip flops in the shop I stop watching… I think another tip is working in the shop overly tired. That’s how my grandfather lost a finger and damaged two others in the process. It’s so easy especially when doing repetitive operations to make a stupid mistake. I have to stop and make sure I’m present!!!
    Thanks so much, man!!

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