TGWP Episode 076: Lizzy- The House of Timber

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This weeks guest Lizzy from The House of Timber (formally Saw Dust Junkies) is one of the most talented scroll saw experts around. Check out her work on Instagram, it speaks for itself.

Lizzy’s from a small Kansas town and found a love for woodworking in the beginning of her adult life. Since then she’s built quite a list of woodworking accomplishments including furniture, custom logos, and more. With the rebranding of her business and herself, Lizzy is ready for the next chapter.

Be on the look out for all the awesome things to come from Lizzy and The House of Timber. Soon she’ll launch, so in the meantime, be sure to give Lizzy a follow on Instagram.

Mentions on this episode: I Am The Beardless Man, Rogue Engineer, Polish and Power Tools, Renee’s Rustic Customs, Pink Soul Studios, Rev Marker

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