TGWP Episode 077: Chris Fregoe- Low Land Raven

I’ll be the first to admit when I heard the name Low Land Raven I had no idea who it was. Then I saw the name Chris Fregoe pop up on the new Patreon list. Still, no idea who this was. As I do with all our new patrons and a lot of the new followers, I did a little digging around. Once again I’m happy that I did. You see, Chris is an incredible craftsman.

Spending most of his life as a carpenter building homes, he one day decided to up his game and take a chance. He walked into one of the premier mill works companies in Knoxville and asked for a job. After much persistence and drive, Chris got the job and hasn’t looked back. He gives some of the credit to the podcast for inspiring him to what he really wants, but I say it is Chris’ gumption to never give in to fear or nay sayers!

This episode is definitely filled with inspiration and all kinds of feel good. Make sure to head over to Instagram and Facebook and follow along with all that Chris does. Make sure to let him know you heard him on the podcast.

Mentioned on this episode: Jet Miter Saw, IsoTunes, Johnny Hughes Woodworking, Breck Whitworth Woodturning

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