TGWP Episode 080: Cam Porter – Cammie’s Garage

Cam Porter of Cammie’s garage is definitely a talented fella! A former full time illustrator on The Simpsons, Cam was looking for a different way to express himself. He found the love of woodturning and hasn’t looked back.

Inspired by the likes of Kyle Toth and Malcolm Tibbetts, Cam puts his own spin on the pieces he makes these days. His creations are really starting to take shape and become noticed by the maker community.

Not only is Cam a great turner, he is very good at wood carving. One of his recent pieces includes a set of three turtles that Cam carved. They are exceptional pieces of art for sure.

Many of you may have found Cam after being mentioned by David from the Making It podcast. You see, Cam likes doing characters of makers and YouTubers. He’s even done one of me!  Thanks for mentioning him fellas!

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Mentioned in this episode: Malcolm Tibbetts, Kyle Toth, Bobby Duke, Matt Cremona, Making it Podcast, Jimmy Diresta

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