TGWP Episode 081: Kyle Worley – WorleyFab





Kyle Worley, husband, father, and maker is from Peoria, AZ. Working a full time job and raising two boys keeps Kyle very busy. But he still seems to find the time to make some really incredible stuff in his two car garage. One of the things I really like are his cutting boards. I know, how can cutting boards be that cool, right? Well, the way Kyle makes them, they are! Kyle like to use laminated pieces of wood from different species and add them in to his boards creating some really cool looking patterns. One he makes looks like bacon. And who doesn’t like bacon?

Besides cutting boards, Kyle does make tables and various other things when he can manage the time. Not only does life get thrown in to Kyle’s day, there’s the Arizona heat to deal with in an unconditioned shop. Not sure I could take that!

Go check out Kyle’s work on Instagram and Facebook please. Also subscribe to his YouTube channel so you’re ready when the videos start rolling out.

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