TGWP Episode 082: Matt Haas – Awesome Wood Things






Matt Haas from is one of the most talented guys around. Not only does he create awesome wood things, he’s incredible at designing things. Matt has spent most of his life creating artwork and designs for websites, logos, and pretty much anything that needs a line drawn in it. On top of that he has one of the best YouTube channels around. He’s always searching for the newest and best info to share with his friends about how the content creation side of life works.

I’ve been a fan of Matt’s for quite a while and his latest build video just solidifies things for me. He made a whirligig featuring Mario! How freaking awesome is that? You definitely have to check that video out. While you’re there, subscribe to Matt’s YouTube channel. He offers videos on many builds but also does a weekly live feed where he walks through several functions of Adobe Illustrator. Trust me when I saw it’s worth a look!

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Here are the folks mentioned in today’s episode: Ryan Waylight Creations, Shogun Jimi, Allen R, Jay Bates, Matt Cremona, Giaco Whatever, Eloy Escagedo, Sterling Davis, Kyle Toth

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