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I was always impressed by Tabb’s work from the moment I saw it on Instagram. After chatting with Tabb for a few hours recently, I’m definitely impressed. He’s a laid back centered kind of guy. He loves what he does and he wants people to know it. I was super surprised he has only been woodworking full time for three years. I was for certain he had been doing this for fifteen or twenty years from the look of the shop and the pieces he was putting out. It just goes to show that once you find what you were made to do it just clicks. That’s how I feel about podcasting and woodworking. And after chatting with Tabb, I’m more inspired than ever to make it happen. One thing he said during our talk that really hit me was, “if you need someone to tell you what to do next, you’re probably not cut out to own a business!” I’m paraphrasing what Tabb said, but you get the point. And I sure did. I knew I wasn’t doing the things I needed to do all the time. After that conversation, you can believe I moved my butt.
I truly hope after you listen to this episode that you get inspired to “move your butt” also. There’s nothing worse than looking back realizing you should have made the move or taken that step. It’s happened to me before, but it won’t happen this time. Get out there and make it happen friends!

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Mentioned in this episode: Ana White, Guys Woodshop, Frank Miller Lumber, Woodward Builds, Frank Howarth, Todd Clippinger, Warner Machinery Shapeoko

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