TGWP Episode 085: Chris Schoenberg – Third Coast Craftsman






With one of the coolest logos on YouTube, Chris Schoenberg from better have some really cool videos and projects to back it up! And he does!

I remember seeing his logo video on Instagram or YouTube and thinking, wow, what a great logo. Then as I finished watching the video I thought, wow, what a great video! I then proceeded to watch a few more videos from Chris and I was happy I did. I immediately subscribed and started following him on all the socials. I really look forward to his new stuff whether it’s a post on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

I also knew I needed to have him on the podcast so I could introduce him to all of you. His style is modern with a mix of rustic and old school charm. It’s a great combo!

Do yourself a favor and check Chris out! You can find Chris at, YouTube, Instagram, and  Facebook

Mentioned in this episode: Sam Maloof, Bob Clagett, Alec Steele, George Nakashima

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