TGWP Episode 087: Zack Herberholz – ZH Fabrication






Zack Herberholz is definitely one of the fastest growing content creators in the maker/builder space these days. And for good reason! Zack is crazy talented with wood, leather, and metal to name just a few mediums. Recently he’s been knocking out some of the best looking blacksmith work I’ve seen in a while. He seems to love making hammers that others can use for their own blacksmith adventures.

I first found Zack when he decided to join Johnny Brooke and James Wright for the Crafted Podcast (now named Creators Collective). Since then, I’ve followed Zack as he’s grown into a wonderful craftsman. A full time craftsman and content creator as a matter of fact.  Every time Zack puts out a new video you can be sure it will be good. Make sure to head over to YouTube and give him a follow.

You can also fine Zack at, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Zack, along with John Baily, graciously gives back to the community with awesome royalty free music that can be used for videos or what ever. Check out today and listen to some awesome music.

Mentioned on this episode: Jimmy DiResta, Bob Claggett, James Wright, Will Walker, Third Coast Craftsman

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