TGWP Episode 095: Jake Thompson

This weeks guest, Jake Thompson from Northside Custom Crafts is a super talented woodworker and maker. Recently he seems to be getting deep in the world of epoxy and casting. He’s also well versed in Vectric Aspire which he uses to make some pretty cool stuff on his Laguna CNC machine. Did I mention he films most of this and shares it on his YouTube channel? Well…he does and I promise you want to see all the videos he’s done.

Jake’s a great guy and a big part of the woodworking community, so make sure to visit him today and say hello!

You can find Jake on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Mentioned on episode 095: Jimmy Diresta, April Wilkerson, Jay Bates, Jamie Page, Heath Knuckles, Carl Jacobson, Zac Higgins, Jenn 7 Mile Design, Are You A Fixer, NYWoodWorx, Steve Ramsey, Nick Zammeti

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