TGWP Episode 096: Britt – Overalls and Powersaws

Don’t let her pink hair or small stature fool you. Britt from is a hard working maker and builder managing a home with four little ones and a husband. When she’s not busy being a momma and wife, Britt works in her home shop creating everything from charcuteire boards to barn door consoles. She’s a real talent. Be sure to give Britt a follow on Instagram, Facebook, and visit 

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  1. As always excellent podcast. And I love how Britt likes to build for herself and does not won’t to get in to production. I feel that’s why she’s so creative. And you will be missed Donny on you’re on you’re break, but it is well deserved. I think you just want to keep playing with that new drum sander hahaha!

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