TGWP Episode 098: Brandon Walker – Walkers Woodworks

This weeks guest is one of the fastest growing woodworkers on Instagram. He also has a great YouTube channel. Most of all… he’s super talented and down to earth. I’m speaking of Brandon Walkers from Walker Woodworks. Brandon’s been building and making since he was a kid. Watching his mechanic father work on cares and do home repair. Brandon was destine to be in the making and building arena.

This episode is definitely packed with building and making talk, but Brandon also gives his take on being successful on Instagram. Be sure to listen.

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You can find Brandon on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Mentioned on this episode: BlackButteMill, Fix This Build That, Jeff Mack, Penaltyboxwoodshop, Marc Spagnuolo, JKatz Woodworks, Matt Cremona, Stone City Woodworks, Edmonds Woodshop

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