TGWP Episode 101 – Donny Talks HUGE Giveaway and Stuff

Hey everybody! I wanted to take a few minutes and give a big THANK YOU to all of you that have supported me and the podcast for the last 100 episodes. And almost two years of them!

I especially want to thank the Patrons. Without your support, the podcast would not continue each week. If you’d like to help support the podcast with a monthly gift, please head over to Believe it or not, for just a few dollars a month, you can really make a difference.

Now… on to what I believe is one of the most awesome giveaways ever. It is brought to you by some of the most thoughtful makers and content creators ever. I’ve also joined up with a few tool companies so we could add to the mix. There will be four prize packs and four happy people!

The details of the giveaway will be listed on the GIVEAWAY PAGE so I won’t relist them here, but I do ask that you share the heck out of this giveaway and the podcast with everyone and on every social media platform that you use. Thanks!

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Thanks for all the support everyone!

Our awesome Patrons:

  • Josh Cress
  • Allen Canterbury
  • Wendy Vollans
  • Tiff
  • Chris Burton
  • Devin Richter
  • Kris Hogan
  • Justin Dietrich
  • Jonathan Katz-Moses
  • Keith Johnson
  • Mychal Berry
  • Bryan Collette
  • Carl Jacobson
  • Tim Marquart
  • Man Cave Crafts
  • Brandon Walker
  • Casey Reeves
  • Dan and Kelley Kelly
  • Freeman Furnishings
  • Jim Beshears
  • Sean Walker
  • Sean McHenry

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